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Magnesium Foil,Mg Foil

Magnesium Foil,Mg Foil Magnesium Foil,Mg Foil

Product name:Magnesium Foil,Mg Foil



Yourfoils Production Lines Magnesium Foil,Sheet,Disc,Wire,Rod June 2023    
Line No. Material Dimensions(mm) Purity Quantity Price
Mg0030-0050 Magnesium Foil 0.05×100×100mm 99.95% 1 pc $79.00
Mg0030-0051 Magnesium Foil 0.05×100×100mm 99.95% 2 pcs $110.00
Mg0030-0052 Magnesium Foil 0.05×100×100mm 99.95% 5 pcs $180.00
Mg0030-0090 Magnesium Foil  0.1×100×100mm 99.98% 1 pc $85.00
Mg0030-0091 Magnesium Foil Polished 0.1×100×100mm 99.98% 2 pcs $260.00
Mg0030-0092 Magnesium Foil Polished 0.1×100×100mm 99.98% 5 pcs $420.00
Mg0030-0241 Magnesium Foil 0.1×200×200mm 99.95% 1 pc $260.00
Mg0030-0242 Magnesium Foil 0.1×200×200mm 99.95% 2 pcs $396.00
Mg0030-0245 Magnesium Foil 0.1×200×250mm 99.95% 5 pcs $595.00
Mg0030-0420 Magnesium Foil Polished 0.2×100×100mm 99.95% 1 pc $120.00
Mg0030-0422 Magnesium Foil Polished 0.2×100×100mm 99.95% 2 pcs $196.00
Mg0030-0430 Magnesium Foil Polished 0.2×100×100mm 99.95% 5pcs $380.00
Mg0030-0460 Magnesium Foil Polished 0.2×100×100mm 99.99+% 1 pc $175.00
Mg0030-0462 Magnesium Foil Polished 0.2×100×100mm 99.99+% 2 pcs $270.00
Mg0030-0540 Magnesium Foil Polished 0.25×50×50mm 99.95% 2 pcs $120.00
Mg0030-0544 Magnesium Foil Polished 0.25×50×50mm 99.95% 5 pcs $180.00
Mg0030-0557 Magnesium Foil Polished 0.25×90×90mm 99.95% 5pcs $175.00
Mg0030-3530 Magnesium Sheet Polished 0.5×100×100mm 99.95% 1 pc $120.00
Mg0030-3532 Magnesium Sheet Polished 0.5×100×100mm 99.95% 2 pcs $190.00
Mg0030-3536 Magnesium Sheet Polished 0.5×100×100mm 99.95% 5pcs $310.00
Mg0030-4920 Magnesium Sheet Polished 0.75×100×100mm 99.95% 1 pc $150.00
Mg0030-4924 Magnesium Sheet Polished 0.75×100×100mm 99.95% 2 pcs $196.00
Mg0030-4927 Magnesium Sheet Polished 0.75×100×100mm 99.95% 5pcs $330.00
Mg0030-6022 Magnesium Sheet Polished 1×100×100mm 99.90% 2pcs $330.00
Mg0030-6025 Magnesium Sheet Polished 1×100×100mm 99.90% 2 pcs $360.00
Mg0030-6032 Magnesium Sheet Polished 1×150×150mm 99.90% 2pcs $520.00
Mg0030-6038 Magnesium Sheet Polished 1×200×200mm 99.90% 2pcs $680.00
Mg0030-6053 Magnesium Sheet             1×500×500mm 99.90% 2pcs POA
Mg0030-6077 Magnesium Sheet 2×200×300mm 99.90% 2pcs POA
Mg0030-6432 Magnesium Sheet 2×500×500mm 99.90% 2pcs POA
Mg0030-7021 Magnesium Sheet 3×100×100mm 99.99% 2pcs POA
Mg0030-7025 Magnesium Sheet 3×150×150mm 99.90% 2pcs POA
Mg0030-7029 Magnesium Sheet 3×200×200mm 99.90% 2pcs POA
Mg0030-7033 Magnesium Sheet 3×300×300mm 99.90% 2pcs POA
Mg0030-7035 Magnesium Sheet 3×500×500mm 99.90% 2pcs POA
Mg0030-7044 Magnesium Sheet 3×500×1000mm 99.90% 2pcs POA
Mg0030-8226 Magnesium Sheet 5×300×300mm 99.99% 2pcs POA
Mg0030-8250 Magnesium Sheet 6×100×100mm 99.99% 1 pc POA
Mg0030-8254 Magnesium Sheet 6×150×150mm 99.90% 2 pcs POA
Mg0030-8257 Magnesium Sheet 6×200×200mm 99.90% 2 pcs POA
Mg0030-8266 Magnesium Sheet 6×300×300mm 99.90% 2 pcs POA
Mg0030-8269 Magnesium Sheet 6×500×500mm 99.90% 2 pcs POA
Mg0030-8277 Magnesium Sheet 6×500×500mm 99.90% 2 pcs POA
Mg0030-D0510 Magnesium Disc Dia. 10×0.05mm 99.95% 5PCS POA
Mg0030-D0515 Magnesium Disc Dia. 15×0.05mm 99.95% 5PCS POA
Mg0030-D0525 Magnesium Disc Dia. 25×0.05mm 99.95% 5PCS POA
Mg0030-D0550 Magnesium Disc Dia. 50×0.05mm 99.95% 5PCS POA
Mg0030-D0575 Magnesium Disc Dia. 75×0.05mm 99.95% 5PCS POA
Mg0030-D0595 Magnesium Disc Dia. 100×0.05mm 99.95% 5PCS POA
Mg0030-D1010 Magnesium Disc Dia. 10×0.1mm 99.95% 5PCS POA
Mg0030-D1012 Magnesium Disc Dia. 12×0.1mm 99.95% 5PCS POA
Mg0030-D1015 Magnesium Disc Dia. 15×0.1mm 99.95% 5PCS POA
Mg0030-D1018 Magnesium Disc Dia. 18×0.1mm 99.95% 5PCS POA
Mg0030-D1025 Magnesium Disc Dia. 25×0.1mm 99.95% 5PCS POA
Mg0030-D1050 Magnesium Disc Dia. 50×0.1mm 99.95% 5PCS POA
Mg0030-D1075 Magnesium Disc Dia. 75×0.1mm 99.95% 5PCS POA
Mg0030-D1095 Magnesium Disc Dia. 100×0.1mm 99.95% 5PCS POA
Mg0030-D2010 Magnesium Disc Dia. 10×0.2mm 99.99+% 5PCS POA
Mg0030-D2012 Magnesium Disc Dia. 12×0.2mm 99.99+% 5PCS POA
Mg0030-D2015 Magnesium Disc Dia. 15×0.2mm 99.99+% 5PCS POA
Mg0030-D2018 Magnesium Disc Dia. 18×0.2mm 99.99+% 5PCS POA
Mg0030-D2025 Magnesium Disc Dia. 25×0.2mm 99.99+% 5PCS POA
Mg0030-D2050 Magnesium Disc Dia. 50×0.2mm 99.99+% 5PCS POA
Mg0030-D2075 Magnesium Disc Dia. 75×0.2mm 99.99+% 5PCS POA
Mg0030-D2095 Magnesium Disc Dia. 100×0.2mm 99.99+% 5PCS POA
Mg0030-D6621 Magnesium Disc Dia. 25.4×3mm 99.95% 2 PCS POA
Mg0030-D6654 Magnesium Disc Dia. 50.8×3mm 99.95% 2 PCS POA
Mg0030-D6677 Magnesium Disc Dia. 75×3mm 99.95% 2 PCS POA
Mg0030-D7095 Magnesium Disc Dia. 31×6mm 99.95% 2 PCS POA
Mg0030-D7235 Magnesium Disc Dia. 75×6mm 99.95% 2 PCS POA
Mg0030-D7887 Magnesium Disc Dia. 75×12mm 99.95% 2 PCS POA
Mg0030-O0325 Magnesium Oxide Disc Dia. 25.4×3mm MgO 2 PCS POA
Mg0030-O0350 Magnesium Oxide Disc Dia. 50.8×3mm MgO 2 PCS POA
Mg0030-O0376 Magnesium Oxide Disc Dia. 76.2×3mm MgO 2 PCS POA
Mg0030-O0650 Magnesium Oxide Disc Dia. 50.8×6mm MgO 2 PCS POA
Mg0030-O0676 Magnesium Oxide Disc Dia. 76.2×6mm MgO 2 PCS POA
Mg0030-R1249 Magnesium Rod Dia. 7.9mm×500mm 99.99% 5pcs POA
Mg0030-R1563 Magnesium Rod Dia. 10mm×100mm 99.99% 5pcs POA
Mg0030-R1578 Magnesium Rod Dia. 10mm×200mm 99.99% 5pcs POA
Mg0030-R1599 Magnesium Rod Dia. 10mm×500mm 99.99% 5pcs POA
Mg0030-R1661 Magnesium Rod Dia. 12.7mm×100mm 99.99% 5pcs POA
Mg0030-R1677 Magnesium Rod Dia. 12.7mm×200mm 99.99% 5pcs POA
Mg0030-R1688 Magnesium Rod Dia. 12.7mm×500mm 99.99% 5pcs POA
Mg0030-R1823 Magnesium Rod Dia. 15mm×100mm 99.99% 5pcs POA
Mg0030-R1848 Magnesium Rod Dia. 15mm×200mm 99.99% 5pcs POA
Mg0030-R1897 Magnesium Rod Dia. 15mm×500mm 99.99% 5pcs POA
Mg0030-R2101 Magnesium Rod Dia. 25.4mm×100mm 99.99% 5pcs POA
Mg0030-R2144 Magnesium Rod Dia. 25.4mm×200mm 99.99% 5pcs POA
Mg0030-R2155 Magnesium Rod Dia. 25.4mm×500mm 99.99% 5pcs POA
Mg0030-R3006 Magnesium Rod Dia. 50mm×100mm 99.99% 5pcs POA
Mg0030-R3117 Magnesium Rod Dia. 50mm×200mm 99.99% 5pcs POA
Mg0030-R3224 Magnesium Rod Dia. 50mm×500mm 99.99% 5pcs POA
Mg0030-R3882 Magnesium Rod Dia. 76mm×100mm 99.99% 5pcs POA
Mg0030-R3910 Magnesium Rod Dia. 76mm×200mm 99.99% 5pcs POA
Mg0030-R3999 Magnesium Rod Dia. 76mm×500mm 99.99% 5pcs POA

All pricing above is total amount of material costs/pc(s) and shipping fees door to door,
please contact us for online payment.

In addition to these,Yourfoils is skilled at maching part of pure Magnesium & 
Magnesium alloy materials,too. Special order available upon request.


Forms available

                ● Foil/Ribbon     

                ● Sheet  

                ● Disc 

                ● Wire   

                ● Rod          

                ● Machining part  

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