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Molybdenum Foil, Mo Foil

Molybdenum Foil, Mo Foil

Product name:Molybdenum Foil, Mo Foil



Yourfoils Regular Production Lines Molybdenum Foil.Sheet  May 2023   
Line No. Material Dimensions          Purity Quantity Total Price
MO0023... Mo (T×W×L)mm % pcs/m usd
MO0023-0005 Molybdenum Foil 0.005×100×Roll 99.95% 5m POA
MO0023-0010 Molybdenum Foil 0.01 ×100×100mm 99.95% 5PCS 150
MO0023-0012 Molybdenum Foil 0.01 ×100mm×Roll 99.95% 1m 290
MO0023-0017 Molybdenum Foil 0.01 ×120mm×0.5m 99.95% 5 PCS n/a
MO0023-0025 Molybdenum Foil 0.025 ×100×100mm 99.95% 5pcs n/a
MO0023-0027 Molybdenum Foil 0.025 ×100×100mm 99.95% 10pcs n/a
MO0023-0030 Molybdenum Foil 0.025 ×100mm×Roll 99.95% 10meters POA
MO0023-0033 Molybdenum Foil 0.03 ×100mm×Roll 99.95% 10meters POA
MO0023-0050  Molybdenum Foil 0.05×100×100mm 99.95% 5PCS $125.00
MO0023-0052  Molybdenum Foil 0.05×100×100mm 99.95% 25PCS POA
MO0023-0055 Molybdenum Foil 0.05×100mm×Roll 99.95% 5m POA
MO0023-0057 Molybdenum Foil 0.05×100mm×Roll 99.95% 10m POA
MO0023-0059 Molybdenum Foil 0.05×150mm×Roll 99.95% 10m POA
MO0023-0063 Molybdenum Foil 0.05×200mm×Roll 99.95% 10m POA
MO0023-0066 Molybdenum Foil 0.05×250mm×Roll 99.95% 10m POA
MO0023-0072 Molybdenum Foil 0.05×300mm×Roll 99.95% 30m POA
MO0023-0107 Molybdenum Foil 0.075×12.7mm×Roll 99.95% 50m POA
MO0023-0110 Molybdenum Foil 0.075×40mm×Roll 99.95% 30m POA
MO0023-0115 Molybdenum Foil 0.075×100mm×Roll 99.95% 5m POA
MO0023-0120 Molybdenum Foil 0.075×150mm×Roll 99.95% 8m POA
MO0023-0125 Molybdenum Foil 0.075×200mm×Roll 99.95% 12m POA
MO0023-0134 Molybdenum Foil 0.08×150mm×Roll 99.95% 15m  POA
MO0023-0136 Molybdenum Foil 0.08×200mm×Roll 99.95% 12m POA
MO0023-0141 Molybdenum Foil 0.08×250mm×Roll 99.95% 10m POA
MO0023-0154 Molybdenum Foil 0.1×150mm×150mm 99.95% 10PCS POA
MO0023-0157 Molybdenum Foil 0.1×150mm×Roll 99.95% 6m POA
MO0023-0159 Molybdenum Foil 0.1×200×200mm 99.95% 10PCS POA
MO0023-0160 Molybdenum Foil 0.1×200mm×Roll 99.95% 5m POA
MO0023-0159 Molybdenum Foil 0.1×300mm×300mm 99.95% 10PCS POA
MO0023-0160 Molybdenum Foil 0.1×300mm×Roll 99.95% 5m POA
MO0023-0172 Molybdenum Foil 0.1×330mm×Roll 99.95% 5m POA
MO0023-0185 Molybdenum Foil 0.15×350×350mm 99.95% 1pc  $398.00
MO0023-0194 Molybdenum Foil 0.2×150×150mm 99.95% 10PCS POA
MO0023-0197 Molybdenum Foil 0.2×150×Roll 99.95% 5m POA
MO0023-0199 Molybdenum Foil 0.2×200×200mm 99.95% 10PCS POA
MO0023-0206 Molybdenum Foil 0.2×200×Roll 99.95% 5m POA
MO0023-0230 Molybdenum Foil 0.2×300×300mm 99.95% 5PCS POA
MO0023-0231 Molybdenum Foil 0.2×300×300mm 99.95% 10PCS POA
MO0023-0232 Molybdenum Foil 0.2×300×Roll 99.95% 5m POA
MO0023-0235 Molybdenum Foil 0.2×350×Roll 99.95% 5m POA
MO0023-0240 Molybdenum Foil 0.2×400×Roll 99.95% 5m POA
MO0023-0248 Molybdenum Foil 0.25×150×150mm 99.95% 10PCS POA
MO0023-0250 Molybdenum Foil 0.25×150×Roll 99.95% 5m POA
MO0023-0254 Molybdenum Foil 0.25×200×200mm 99.95% 10PCS POA
MO0023-0256 Molybdenum Foil 0.25×200×Roll 99.95% 5m POA
MO0023-0258 Molybdenum Foil 0.25×300×300mm 99.95% 5PCS POA
MO0023-0260 Molybdenum Foil 0.25×300×Roll 99.95% 5m POA
MO0023-0264 Molybdenum Foil 0.25×350×Roll 99.60% 5m POA
MO0023-0268 Molybdenum Foil 0.25×400×Roll 99.60% 5m POA
MO0023-0275 Molybdenum Foil 0.25×450×Roll 99.60% 5m POA
MO0023-0310 Molybdenum Foil 0.3×150×150mm 99.95% 10PCS POA
MO0023-0314 Molybdenum Foil 0.3×150×Roll 99.95% 5m POA
MO0023-0318 Molybdenum Foil 0.3×200×200mm 99.95% 10PCS POA
MO0023-0322 Molybdenum Foil 0.3×200×Roll 99.95% 5m POA
MO0023-0330 Molybdenum Foil 0.3×300×300mm 99.60% 5PCS POA
MO0023-0332 Molybdenum Foil 0.3×300×Roll 99.60% 5m POA
MO0023-0335 Molybdenum Foil 0.3×350×Roll 99.60% 5m POA
MO0023-0340 Molybdenum Foil 0.3×400×Roll 99.60% 5m POA
MO0023-0345 Molybdenum Foil 0.3×450×Roll 99.60% 5m POA
MO0023-0348 Molybdenum Foil 0.3×480×Roll 99.60% 5m POA
MO0023-0510 Molybdenum Foil 0.5×150×150mm 99.95% 10PCS POA
MO0023-0514 Molybdenum Foil 0.5×150×Roll 99.95% 5m POA
MO0023-0518 Molybdenum Foil 0.5×200×200mm 99.95% 10PCS POA
MO0023-0522 Molybdenum Foil 0.5×200×Roll 99.95% 5m POA
MO0023-0530 Molybdenum Foil 0.5×300×300mm 99.95% 5PCS POA
MO0023-0532 Molybdenum Foil 0.5×300×Roll 99.95% 5m POA
MO0023-0535 Molybdenum Foil 0.5×350×Roll 99.95% 5m POA
MO0023-0540 Molybdenum Foil 0.5×400×Roll 99.95% 5m POA
MO0023-0545 Molybdenum Foil 0.5×450×Roll 99.95% 5m POA
MO0023-0548 Molybdenum Foil 0.5×480×Roll 99.95% 5m POA
MO0023-0550 Molybdenum Foil 0.5×500×500mm 99.95% 5pcs POA
MO0023-0560 Molybdenum Foil 0.5×600×600mm 99.95% 5pcs POA
MO0023-0756 Molybdenum Sheet 0.75×200×600mm 99.95% 1pc  POA
MO0023-0764 Molybdenum Sheet 0.75×200×600mm 99.95% 2pcs  POA
MO0023-1020 Molybdenum Sheet 1×100×200mm 99.95% 1pc  $148.00
MO0023-1030 Molybdenum Sheet 1×300×300mm 99.95% 1pc  POA
MO0023-1040 Molybdenum Sheet 1×400×400mm 99.95% 1pc  POA
MO0023-1056 Molybdenum Sheet 1×500×600mm 99.95% 1pc  POA
MO0023-1530 Molybdenum Sheet 1.5×300×300mm 99.95% 1pc  POA
MO0023-1540 Molybdenum Sheet 1.5×400×400mm 99.95% 1pc  POA
MO0023-2110 Molybdenum Sheet 2×100×200mm 99.95% 1pc  $168.00
MO0023-2250 Molybdenum Sheet 2×250×250mm 99.95% 1pc  POA
MO0023-2300 Molybdenum Sheet 2×300×300mm 99.95% 1pc  POA
MO0023-2500 Molybdenum Sheet 2×500×500mm 99.95% 1pc  POA
MO0023-3120 Molybdenum Sheet 3×100×200mm 99.95% 1pc  $220.00
MO0023-3300 Molybdenum Sheet 3×300×300mm 99.95% 1pc  POA
MO0023-4120 Molybdenum Sheet 4×100×200mm 99.95% 1pc  $240.00
MO0023-4500 Molybdenum Sheet 4×500×500mm 99.95% 1pc  POA
MO0023-5120 Molybdenum Sheet 5×100×200mm 99.95% 1pc  $260.00
MO0023-6120 Molybdenum Sheet 6×100×200mm 99.95% 1pc  $298.00
MO0023-6300 Molybdenum Sheet 6×300×300mm 99.95% 1pc  POA
MO0023-8120 Molybdenum Sheet 8×100×200mm 99.95% 1pc  $349.00
MO0023-8500 Molybdenum Sheet 8×500×500mm 99.95% 1pc  POA
MO0023-10100 Molybdenum Sheet 10×100×100mm 99.95% 1pc  $265.00
MO0023-10500 Molybdenum Sheet 10×500×500mm 99.95% 1pc  POA
MO0023-12100 Molybdenum Sheet 12×100×100mm 99.95% 1pc  $310.00
MO0023-12750 Molybdenum Sheet 12.7×75×300mm 99.95% 1pc  POA
MO0023-15100 Molybdenum Sheet 15×100×100mm 99.95% 1pc  $360.00
MO0023-20100 Molybdenum Sheet 20×100×100mm 99.95% 1pc  $470.00
"Total price " contains goods cost(pcs) and shipping fees door to door, if customer intend to
send payment by credit card, please feel free to conact us for Online payment.

Yourfoils specializes in producing Higher Pure Molybdenum Metal Foils,Sheets, 
Wafers in thicknesses up to 20mm.In addition to these,Yourfoils is skilled 
at maching part of pure Molybdenum & Molybdenum alloy materials,too. 
Special order available upon request.
If you can not find the sizes from above standard items, 
feel free to contact us at
Forms available
                ● Foil     
                ● Sheet  
                ● Ribbon  
                ● Wafer    
                ● Rod  
                ● Mesh  
                ●  Tube                
                ● Machining part 

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