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Zirconium Foil, Zr Foil

Zirconium Foil, Zr Foil

Product name:Zirconium Foil, Zr Foil



Yourfoils Product Lines Zirconium Foil.Sheet  Apr. 2024   
Line No. Material Dimensions Purity  Quantity Total Price
Zr0055-0019 Zirconium Foil 3um×100mm ×Roll 99.40% 10m POA
Zr0055-0025 Zirconium Foil 5um×100mm ×Roll 99.40% 10m POA
Zr0055-0030 Zirconium Foil 5um×100mm ×Roll 99.40% 20m POA
Zr0055-0034 Zirconium Foil 5um×100mm ×Roll 99.40% 50m POA
Zr0055-0083 Zirconium Foil 8um×100mm ×Roll 99.40% 10m POA
Zr0055-0103 Zirconium Foil 10um×100mm ×Roll 99.40% 10m POA
Zr0055-0208 Zirconium Foil 20um×100mm ×Roll 99.40% 10m POA
Zr0055-0224 Zirconium Foil 25um×100mm ×Roll 99.40% 5m POA
Zr0055-0310 Zirconium Foil 30um×100mm ×Roll 99.40% 5m POA
Zr0055-0318 Zirconium Foil 30um×150mm ×Roll 99.40% 5m POA
Zr0055-0508 Zirconium Foil 50um×100mm ×Roll 99.40% 5m POA
Zr0055-0510 Zirconium Foil 50um×150mm ×5m 99.40% 1pc POA
Zr0055-0520 Zirconium Foil 50um×200mm ×5m 99.40% 1pc POA
Zr0055-0530 Zirconium Foil 50um×250mm ×5m 99.40% 1pc POA
Zr0055-0535 Zirconium Foil 50um×300mm ×Roll 99.40% 10m POA
Zr0055-1000 Zirconium Foil 100um×100mm ×100mm 99.40% 5pcs $150.00
Zr0055-1005 Zirconium Foil 100um×100mm ×5m 99.40% 1pc POA
Zr0055-1020 Zirconium Foil 100um×200mm ×2m 99.40% 1pc POA
Zr0055-1033 Zirconium Foil 100um×300mm ×2m 99.40% 1pc POA
Zr0055-1040 Zirconium Foil 100um×330mm ×5m 99.40% 1pc POA
Zr0055-1510 Zirconium Foil 150um×100mm ×5m 99.40% 1pc POA
Zr0055-1520 Zirconium Foil 150um×200mm ×2m 99.40% 1pc POA
Zr0055-1530 Zirconium Foil 150um×300mm ×2m 99.40% 1pc POA
Zr0055-1535 Zirconium Foil 150um×350mm ×5m 99.40% 1pc POA
Zr0055-2010 Zirconium Foil 200um×100mm ×5m 99.40% 1pc POA
Zr0055-2020 Zirconium Foil 200um×200mm ×2m 99.40% 1pc POA
Zr0055-2030 Zirconium Foil 200um×300mm ×2m 99.40% 1pc POA
Zr0055-2035 Zirconium Foil 200um×350mm ×2m 99.40% 1pc POA
Zr0055-2038 Zirconium Foil 200um×380mm ×2m 99.40% 1pc POA
Zr0055-2046 Zirconium Foil 200um×406mm ×2m 99.40% 1pc POA
Zr0055-2505 Zirconium Foil 250um×100mm ×5m 99.40% 1pc POA
Zr0055-2520 Zirconium Foil 250um×200mm ×2m 99.40% 1pc POA
Zr0055-5030 Zirconium Foil 500um×300mm ×2m 99.40% 1pc POA
Zr0055-7530 Zirconium Foil 750um×300mm ×1m 99.40% 1pc POA
Zr0055-10100 Zirconium Sheet 1×100mm ×100mm 99.40% 1pc POA
Zr0055-20100 Zirconium Sheet 2×100mm ×100mm 99.40% 1pc POA
Zr0055-20200 Zirconium Sheet 2×200mm ×200mm 99.40% 1pc POA
Zr0055-20300 Zirconium Sheet 2×300mm ×300mm 99.40% 1pc POA
Zr0055-30200 Zirconium Sheet 3.6×200mm ×200mm 99.40% 1pc POA
Zr0055-30300 Zirconium Sheet 3.6×300mm ×300mm 99.40% 1pc POA
Zr0055-70100 Zirconium Sheet 7×100mm ×100mm 99.40% 1pc POA
Zr0055-70200 Zirconium Sheet 7×200mm ×200mm 99.40% 1pc POA
Zr0055-70300 Zirconium Sheet 7×300mm ×300mm 99.40% 1pc POA
Total Price includes materials costs(pcs/meters etc.) and shipping fees door to door.

Yourfoils specializes in producing Higher Pure Zirconium Metal Foils,Sheets,Wafers 
in thicknesses from 0.1mm to 20mm.In addition to these,Yourfoils is skilled at 
machining part of pure Zirconium & Zirconium alloy materials,too. 
Special order available upon request.
If you are sourcing more wider Zirconium Foil or much more narrower Zirconium 
Ribbon, feel free to contact us at
Forms available
                ● Foil     
                ● Sheet  
                ● Ribbon  
                ● Wafer    
                ● Rod  
                ● Mesh  
                ● Machining part 

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